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    • Journeys to the Other Side of the World, Attenborough,  David
    Journeys to the Other Side of the World
    David Attenborough

    Following the success of the original Zoo Quest expeditions, in the late 1950s onwards the young David Attenborough travelled to Madagascar, New Guinea, the Pacific Islands and the Northern Territory. He and his cameraman companion were aiming to rec ... read more

    • Lake Success, Shteyngart,  Gary
    Lake Success
    Gary Shteyngart

    Barry Cohen, master of the universe, has just had a very public meltdown involving a dinner party, an insider trading investigation and a $30,000 bottle of Japanese whisky. So he flees New York City, leaving behind his beautiful young wife and son an ... read more

    • Man Out of Time, Bishop,  Stephanie
    Man Out of Time
    Stephanie Bishop

    When Stella's father, Leon, disappears in September 2001, the police knock at her door. She remembers how he had tried to make amends: for his failures, for the terrible things he had done. Her whole life has been stained by his very struggle to exis ... read more

    • No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia's Housing Crisis, Mares,  Peter
    No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia's Housing Crisis
    Peter Mares

    It is generally accepted that Australia is in the grip of a housing crisis. But we are divided - along class, generational and political lines - about what to do about it. Peter Mares draws on academic research, statistical data and personal intervie ... read more

    • Sex, Drugs and the Electoral Roll, Patten,  Fiona
    Sex, Drugs and the Electoral Roll
    Fiona Patten

    Sex worker, fashion designer, anti-censorship activist, fierce campaigner, political lobbyist and Member of Parliament - Fiona Patten has led a committed life. Frustrated and deeply disappointed by the lack of social change and progress around censor ... read more

    • Silence of the Girls, Barker,  Pat
    Silence of the Girls
    Pat Barker

    The great city of Troy is under siege as Greek heroes Achilles and Agamemnon wage bloody war over a stolen woman. In the Greek camp, another woman is watching and waiting- Briseis. She was a queen of this land until Achilles sacked her city and murde ... read more

    • The Dark Dark, Hunt,  Samantha
    The Dark Dark
    Samantha Hunt

    These ten haunting, inventive tales delve into mortality and immortality, infidelity and transformation, technological innovation and historical revision, loneliness and communion - and every kind of love. Laced with lyricism, hope and a dark humour ... read more

    • Transcription, Atkinson,  Kate
    Kate Atkinson

    In 1940, eighteen-year old Juliet Armstrong is reluctantly recruited into the world of espionage. Sent to an obscure department of MI5 she discovers the work to be both tedious and terrifying. Ten years later, now a producer at the BBC, Juliet is une ... read more

    • A Life of Adventure and Delight, Sharma,  Akhil
    A Life of Adventure and Delight
    Akhil Sharma

    Akhil Sharma's stories expose the cultural collisions - the paradoxes, ironies, and harmonies - that characterise modern life. Whether describing the tensions of an arranged marriage, the trauma of having an alcoholic mother, or the petty corruption ... read more

    • Blue Lake: Finding Dudley Flats and the West Melbourne Swamp, Sornig,  David
    Blue Lake: Finding Dudley Flats and the West Melbourne Swamp
    David Sornig

    David Sornig examines how the 8km-square zone to the west of central Melbourne has passed through various incarnations – from fertile wetland with a large blue saltwater lagoon; to boneyards and rubbish tips; through the Depression-era Dudley F ... read more

    • Dinner with the Dissidents, Tesarsch,  John
    Dinner with the Dissidents
    John Tesarsch

    The Kremlin is worried; Alexander Solzhenitsyn is rumoured to be writing his most damaging work yet and so the KGB turns to Leonid Krasnov, an aspiring young writer to infiltrate Solzhenitsyn's inner circle and inform on his intentions . At first Leo ... read more

    • Follow The Leader: Quarterly Essay 71, Tingle,  Laura
    Follow The Leader: Quarterly Essay 71
    Laura Tingle

    In this rather timely essay, Laura Tingle offers acute portraits – profiles in courage and cunning – of leaders ranging from Merkel and Howard to Macron and Obama. She discusses the rise of the strongman, including Donald Trump, for whom ... read more

    • Forms of Enchantment, Marina,  Warner
    Forms of Enchantment
    Warner Marina

    Some of Marina Warner’s most compelling writing captures the visual experience of the work of artists through an exploration of the range of stories and symbols to which they allude in their work – an approach that draws principally out o ... read more

    • French Exit, Dewitt,  Patrick
    French Exit
    Patrick Dewitt

    Frances Price is in dire straits, beset by scandal. Her adult son Malcolm is mired in a permanent state of arrested development. She's come to believe her cat houses the spirit of her late husband, whose gruesome tabloid death rendered Frances and Ma ... read more

    • Go, Went, Gone, Erpenbeck,  Jenny
    Go, Went, Gone
    Jenny Erpenbeck

    Richard has spent his life as a university professor, immersed in the world of books and ideas, but now, retired, he steps into the streets of his hometown, Berlin. Here he discovers a new community in a tent city established by African asylum seeker ... read more

    • Immigrant, Montana, Kumar,  Amitava
    Immigrant, Montana
    Amitava Kumar

    Immigrant, Montana is story of AK, an Indian academic working in America. It is a love story, or rather the story of what a man can fall in love with: in AK's case, literature, radical politics and women. AK's education is both an intellectual and an ... read more