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Letters of the Younger Pliny, Pliny The Younger,   Radice,  Betty,   Radice,  Betty
Letters of the Younger Pliny
Pliny The Younger, Radice, Betty, Radice, Betty

Paperback $19.99 - Penguin Books Ltd
Classics - Published: 1/Jan/1964 - ISBN: 9780140441277

A prominent lawyer and administrator, Pliny (c. AD 61-113) was also a prolific letter-writer, who numbered among his correspondents such eminent figures as Tacitus, Suetonius and the Emperor Trajan, as well as a wide circle of friends and family. His lively and very personal letters address an astonishing range of topics, from a deeply moving account of his uncle's death in the eruption that engulfed Pompeii, to observations on the early Christians - 'a desperate sort of cult carried to extravagant lengths' - from descriptions of everyday life in Rome, with its scandals and court cases, to Pliny's life in the country.

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