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Eternal Frontier: an Ecological History of North America & Its Peoplles The
Tim Flannery

Paperback $24.95 - The Text Publishing Company
History - Published: 31/Mar/2003 - ISBN: 9781877008566

In the tradition of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel, and Flannery's own best-seller, The Future Eaters, this is ecological history on a monumental scale.

Tim Flannery has achieved something never before attempted: a history of the formation of North America as we know it today.

The Eternal Frontier contains an enormous wealth of fascinating details, and Tim Flannery's accessible and writing is a delight to read.

Covering immense spans of time and space, Flannery explores the profound transformation of the entire North American continent, depicting its creation, and the evolution of its modern landscape.

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