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Love, Sex, Death and Words, Sutherland,  John and Fender,  Stephen
Love, Sex, Death and Words
Sutherland, John and Fender, Stephen

Paperback $26.99 - ICON BOOKS
Writing,Language & Reference - Published: 1/Aug/2011 - ISBN: 9781848312470

In this absorbing companion to literature's rich past, arranged by days of the year, acclaimed critics and friends John Sutherland and Stephen Fender turn up the most inspiring, enlightening, surprising and curious artefacts literature has to offer. Why did 16 June 1904 matter so much to James Joyce? Which great literary love affair was brought to a tragic end on 11 February 1963? And why did Roy Campbell punch Stephen Spender on the nose on 14 April 1949? Love, Sex, Death and Words provides an unrivalled, sumptuous voyage through the highs and lows of literature's bejewelled past.

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