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The Sweetness of Tears
Nafisa Haji

Paperback $24.99 - HarperCollins Publishers
Fiction - Published: 1/Jul/2011 - ISBN: 9780061780103

Jo March, family member of an Evangelical Christian Dynasty and early questioner of her own faith, knows that there is something she is not being told about her own past. She intends to find out.
In her second novel, Nafisa Haji continues to examine the role that culture, hate, religion, and close-mindedness have played in our society in the past, as well as the implications and role they continue to play in our lives today . Following the rich literary tradition of forbidden love and familial dysfunction, THE SWEETNESS OF TEARS is a tour de force of secrets, pain, and hope. As the novel progresses, we come to find that Jo may have good reason to question her faith: faith in God, faith in those she′s trusted, faith in family, and even her faith in her own origins.
Told from multiple generational and cultural viewpoints, THE SWEETNESS OF TEARS skillfully interweaves the lives and stories of Jo′s relatives, many of whom she never knew existed. She travels from California to Chicago, Pakistan to Iraq, chasing loose threads that she hopes will lead to the truth and understanding of her own beginnings that she so craves.
As Jo begins to discover who she is, what she learns above all else is that nothing is ever as it seems, and those with the strongest faith, are those who once doubted it the most.

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