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Micallef Shaun

Paperback $24.95 - Penguin Group Australia
Humour - Published: 31/Jan/2011 - ISBN: 9780143565383

Feel that War and Peace went on a bit? Wish there were more laughs in Catcher in the Rye? Very cross that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo had no references to three-time world hotdog-eating champion, Joey Chestnut? Then Smithereens is for you. At only 300 pages you can knock it off during one of the ad-breaks on Shaun's hit show, Talkin' 'bout Your Generation.

And laughs? What about them? Well, does it have any? Of course it does - it's written by one of Australia's funniest men. Oh, John Clarke? No, not John Clarke. I like John Clarke. So do I, but this is written by Shaun Micallef. And as for references to three-time hotdog eating-champion Joey Chestnut, I'm afraid the only mention of him appears on this back cover. Still, it one more than Stieg Larsson could manage and he's written three books.

Yes, the popular Australian classic Smithereens is back. Updated and revised, with more commas than ever before, several umlauts and featuring brand-new material never before published in bookular form.

Join multi-Logie winning and much-loved TV star Shaun Micall Shaun Micallef is something of a Renaissance man. Bad teeth, appalling personal hygiene and a life expectancy of thirty-three are just three of the qualities that make him so. He lives in Surrey with his wife, three children and a puma. Motto: 'When you start quoting yourself, it's time to stop writing.'

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