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History of Christianity, Macculloch,  Diarmaid
History of Christianity
Diarmaid Macculloch

Paperback $35.00 - Penguin UK
History - Published: 22/Nov/2010 - ISBN: 9780141021898

Ranging from Palestine in the first century to India in the third, from Damascus to China in the seventh century and from San Francisco to Korea in the twentieth MacCulloch describes not only the main ideas and personalities of Christian history, its organisation and spirituality, but how it has changed politics, sex, and human society. He conveys a sense of place as arrestingly as he does the power of ideas and shows how, after a semblance of unity in its earliest centuries, the Christian church divided during the next 1400 years into three increasingly distanced parts, of which the western Church was by no means always the most important.

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