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End to Suffering
Pankaj Mishra

Paperback / softback $37.95 - Picador USA
Mythology,Religion & Spirituality - Published: 1/Oct/2005 - ISBN: 9780312425098

"An End to Suffering" tells of Pankaj Mishra's search to understand the Buddha's relevance in today's world, where religious violence, poverty and terrorism prevail. As he travels among Islamists and the emerging Hindu Muslim class in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Mishra explores the myths and places of the Buddha's life, the West's "discovery" of Buddhism, and the impact of Buddhist ideas on such modern politicians as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Mishra ultimately reaches an enlightenment of his own by discovering the living meaning of the Buddha's teaching, in this "unusually discerning, beautifully written, and deeply affecting reflection on Buddhism" ("Booklist").

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  • End to Suffering Paperback / softback $37.95