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How a Moth Becomes a Boat, Rowe,  Josephine
How a Moth Becomes a Boat
Josephine Rowe

Paperback $16.99 - University of Queensland Press
Fiction - Published: 28/Nov/2011 - ISBN: 9780980397420

A father teaches his daughter how to break whiskey bottles. A woman looks for an old lover in a satellite photograph. A man finds the voice of his dead wife on an unlabelled cassette tape. A blind girl dreams about the taste of the moon.

Josephine Rowe captures the briefest moments; small joys, lost dreams, and silent heartbreak in these stylish, bittersweet short stories. In restrained prose touched with poetry, accompanied here with John Skibinski's elegant line illustrations, How a Moth Becomes a Boat is a beautiful vision of life in miniature.

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