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Parisian Lives, Bair,  Deirdre
Parisian Lives
Deirdre Bair

Paperback / softback $29.99 - Atlantic Books
Biography & Memoir - Published: 4/Feb/2020 - ISBN: 9781786492661

In 1971 Deirdre Bair was a journalist and recently minted PhD who managed to secure access to Nobel Prize-winning author Samuel Beckett. He agreed that she could write his biography despite never having written - or even read - a biography herself. The next seven years of intimate conversations, intercontinental research, and peculiar cat-and-mouse games resulted in Samuel Beckett: A Biography.Bair's next subject Simone de Beauvoir came with a catch - De Beauvoir and Beckett despised each other - and lived essentially on the same street.Her seven-year relationship with the domineering and difficult de Beauvoir required a radical change in approach, yielding another groundbreaking literary profile.

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  • Parisian Lives Paperback / softback $29.99