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Heide, Pi.o.

Paperback / softback $39.95 - Giramondo Publishing Co
Poetry - Published: 1/Oct/2019 - ISBN: 9781925818208

Heide is an epic poem that explores the influence of art, poetry and social class on the psyche, with a particular focus on the artists gathered around Sunday and John Reed at Heide. It begins with the foundation of Melbourne, and traverses the poets and artists who put their lives on the line, the Australian preoccupation with landscape, the dominance of a masculinist aesthetic, the sidelining and denigration of Indigenous art, the struggle of women artists to assert their influence and presence, and the impact of migration on Australian culture. Pi.O's previous work in a similar vein was Fitzroy: the biography.

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  • Heide Paperback / softback $39.95