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George Seddon: Selected Writings, Gaynor,  Andrea
George Seddon: Selected Writings
Andrea Gaynor

Paperback $32.99 - Black Inc
Natural History & Environment - Published: 14/Oct/2019 - ISBN: 9781760641627

George Seddon was renowned for championing a 'sense of place', giving that phrase a uniquely Australian substance. He was a connoisseur of landscapes, from the rugged Snowy Mountains to the humble domestic backyard. With wit and deep knowledge, he radically rethought our relationship with the environment, considering everything from water to mining, suburbs to wilderness. Seddon was a polymath- a professor of geology, the history and philosophy of science, and environmental science, who also taught English and philosophy. The highlights of his work are selected here by Andrea Gaynor, with an introduction by historian Tom Griffiths.

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