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Hollow Earth, Kinsella,  John
Hollow Earth
John Kinsella

Paperback / softback $29.99 - Transit Lounge Publishing
Fiction - Published: 1/Sep/2019 - ISBN: 9781925760279

Fascinated by caves and digging holes since childhood, Manfred discovers a path through to another realm via a Neolithic copper mine at Mount Gabriel in Schull, Ireland. The world of Hollow Earth, while no Utopia, is a sophisticated civilisation. Yet Ari and Zest choose to accompany Manfred back to the surface world. So begins an extraordinary adventure in which the three wander the Earth like Virgil's Aeneas. While Kinsella's parable draws on a rich tradition of Hollow Earth literature and science fiction, its trajectory vividly captures our 21st century world in crisis.

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