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Rich Man's House
Andrew Mcgahan

Paperback / softback $32.99 - Allen & Unwin
Fiction - Published: 3/Sep/2019 - ISBN: 9781760529826

 In the freezing Antarctic waters south of Tasmania, a mountain was discovered in 1642 by the seafaring explorer Gerrit Jansz who estimated its' height at an unbelievable twenty-five thousand metres. In 2016, at the foot of this unearthly mountain, a controversial and ambitious 'dream home', the Observatory, is painstakingly constructed by an eccentric billionaire. Rita Gausse, estranged daughter of the architect is surprised, upon her father's death, to be invited to the isolated mansion to meet the famously reclusive owner. Cataclysmic circumstances intervene to trap Rita and a handful of other guests in the Observatory. Andrew McGahan's eleventh and final novel, is a gripping and unique thriller.

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