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The First Wave, Dooley,  Gillian,   Clode,  Danielle
The First Wave
Gillian Dooley, Danielle Clode

Paperback / softback $49.95 - Wakefield Press
Australian Non Fiction - Published: 20/Jun/2019 - ISBN: 9781743056158

The European maritime explorers who first visited the bays and beaches of Australia brought with them diverse assumptions about the inhabitants of the country, most of them based on sketchy or non-existent knowledge. Mutual misunderstanding was almost universal. The First Wave brings together a variety of contributions, including both original research and creative work, that explore the dynamics of these early encounters, from Indigenous cosmological perspectives and European history of ideas, from representations in art and literature to the role of animals, food and fire in mediating first contact encounters.

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  • The First Wave Paperback / softback $49.95