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Only the World Was Enough, Simms,  Brendan
Only the World Was Enough
Brendan Simms

Hardback $65.00 - Penguin UK
New Hardbacks - Published: 3/Sep/2019 - ISBN: 9781846142475

Much of the literature on Adolf Hitler focuses on the catastrophic, implausible way that he came to seize power and to rule Germany. Brendan Simms's new biography is the first attempt fully to get to grips with the true origins of Hitler's ideas. This gives a very different picture of Hitler, highlighting both how deeply he had always reflected wider paranoid geopolitical German concepts, as well as his obsession with the United States. It was this poisonous mix which was to have such a terrible impact on Europe's future. Simms demonstrates how, as ever, it is ideas that are the true source of the most murderous behaviour.

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