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Dry Milk
Huo Yan, Duncan M. Campbell

Paperback / softback $22.95 - Giramondo Publishing Co
Fiction - Published: 23/Jul/2019 - ISBN: 9781925336993

John Lee is a lonely and increasingly misanthropic Chinese migrant who
has lived in Auckland for thirty years, running a second-hand junk shop while
maintaining a relationship of disdain with his disabled wife. When he
becomes infatuated with a young international student who lodges in their
house, and puts his life savings behind a scheme to export powdered milk to
China, the dubious balance with which he has held his life together comes apart,
and feelings of alienation and humiliation begin to spiral out of control.

John Lee
is a work of fiction that gives a perspective on Antipodean culture unlike any
other, told from the point of view of an immigrant alienated from his new home,
both its New Zealand and Chinese communities. Huo's novella is a stark portrait
of social isolation, and of the experience of the emigrants that left China in
the period after the Cultural Revolution. Capturing the voice of China's post-1980s
literary generation, the book is written with an obsessive intensity that
echoes Patricia Highsmith, Elias Canetti and the short novels of Elena

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  • Dry Milk Paperback / softback $22.95