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Thomas Cromwell: A life, Macculloch,  Diarmaid
Thomas Cromwell: A life
Diarmaid Macculloch

Paperback $26.99 - Penguin UK
History - Published: 16/Jul/2019 - ISBN: 9780241952337

Diarmaid MacCulloch's biography of this elusive figure is a masterclass in historical detective work. It draws together national and international events, and reveals the channels through which so much of power in early Tudor England flowed. It overturns many received interpretations, for example that Cromwell and Anne Boleyn were allies because of their common religious sympathies, showing how he in fact destroyed her; or that Cromwell was a cynical, 'secular' politician without deep-felt religious commitment. For a time, the self-made 'ruffian', as he described himself - ruthless, adept in the exercise of power, quietly determined in religious revolution - was master of events.

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