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Silliness, Timms,  Peter
Peter Timms

Paperback / softback $24.95 - Wakefield Press
Writing,Language & Reference - Published: 28/Feb/2019 - ISBN: 9781743056455

Silliness is to be savoured. It exposes the cracks in our reasoning, raising a gleeful two-finger salute to convention and common sense. In a world awash with stupidity and cruel politics, silliness is childish, anarchic, mischievous, rude and sometimes shocking. But it's not new. Timms reveals the surprisingly rich history of silliness, from the madcap plays of Aristophanes in the fourth century BC, to the strange 'epidemics of silliness' in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, and to the often dark and nihilistic silliness of modern times, including Buster Keaton, Monty Python and 'Cats that Look Like Hitler'.

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  • Silliness Paperback / softback $24.95