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Boxed: When life delivers you gifts you don't want, Anderson,  Richard
Boxed: When life delivers you gifts you don't want
Richard Anderson

Paperback $29.99 - Scribe Publications
Crime Fiction & Thrillers - Published: 7/May/2019 - ISBN: 9781925713657

Neighbours and friends reach out and try to get him to rejoin the community, but he is steadfast in his misery and isolation.One day, a box arrives in the post filled with $250,000 in cash, with no indication of who it?s from or whether it?s really intended for Dave. Then several more boxes arrive, which appear to be filled with ash rather than cash. Suddenly, Dave finds himself at the centre of a very strange chain of events that will impact his life irrevocably. Richard Anderson is a second-generation farmer from northern New South Wales. He has been running a beef-cattle farm for twenty-five years, but has also worked as a miner and had a stint on the local council. Richard is the author of two rural-crime novels, Retribution and Boxed, both published by Scribe. He lives with his wife, four dogs, and a cat. David Martin is a single man alone on his farm. His wife has left him, his teenage son has died in a tragic accident, and he has fallen into a state of neglect and disarray - much like his property.

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