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Invented Lives, Goldsmith,  Andrea
Invented Lives
Andrea Goldsmith

Paperback $32.99 - Scribe Publications
Fiction - Published: 2/Apr/2019 - ISBN: 9781925713589

It is the mid-1980s. In Australia, stay-at-home wives jostle with want-it-all feminists, while AIDS threatens the sexual freedom of everyone. On the other side of the world, the Soviet bloc is in turmoil. Galina Kogan is twenty-four when she leaves Leningrad - forbidden ever to return – and arrives in Melbourne. While Galina grapples with being an immigrant in Australia, her presence disrupts the lives of each member of the Morrow family who have befriended her. No one is left unchanged. A story of exile- exile from country, exile at home, and exile from one's true self.

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  • Invented Lives Paperback $32.99