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Animal Gazer, Franzosini,  P.
Animal Gazer
P. Franzosini

Hardback $32.99 - Head of Zeus
Fiction - Published: 17/Jun/2019 - ISBN: 9781788549394

The sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti made bronzes of wild animals that he spent days and weeks observing in the Paris and Antwerp Zoos. Sometimes he took the animals to live in his Paris apartment while he worked on his pieces. Edgardo His short life was ruined by the declaration of war in August 1914. As the Germans drew closer to Paris and Antwerp, the zoos in both cities were closed. Then, in fear and panic, the decision was taken to shoot the captive creatures. Bugatti, by then working in a military hospital, killed himself, unable to live in a world that allowed such horrors to be visited on man and beast. Franzosini's haunting novel recreates the eccentric, orderly life of this strange genius.

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  • Animal Gazer Hardback $32.99