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Maoism, Lovell,  Julia
Julia Lovell

Paperback / softback $35.00 - Vintage Publishing
History - Published: 19/Mar/2019 - ISBN: 9781847922502

In this new history, Julia Lovell re-evaluates Maoism as both a Chinese and an international force, linking its evolution in China with its global legacy. It is a story that takes us from the tea plantations of north India to the sierras of the Andes, from Paris's fifth arrondissement to the fields of Tanzania, from the rice paddies of Cambodia to the terraces of Brixton. With disagreements and conflicts between China and the West on the rise, the need to understand the political legacy of Mao is urgent and growing. Starting with the birth of Mao's revolution in northwest China in the 1930s and concluding with its resurgence in the People's Republic today, this is a landmark history of global Maoism.

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  • Maoism Paperback / softback $35.00