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Beyond Words: A Year with Kenneth Cook, Kent,  Jacqueline
Beyond Words: A Year with Kenneth Cook
Jacqueline Kent

Hardback $29.95 - University of Queensland Press
Biography & Memoir - Published: 5/Feb/2019 - ISBN: 9780702260391

In 1985 Jacqueline Kent was content with her life. She had a satisfying career as a freelance book editor and writer. Living and working alone, she relished her independence. Then she met Kenneth Cook, author of Wake in Fright, and they fell in love. With this man of contradictions - funny and sad, headstrong and tender - she found real and sustaining companionship. Their life together was often joyful, sometimes enraging, always exciting - until one devastating evening. But, as Jacqueline discovered, even when a story is over that doesn't mean it has come to an end.

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