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Checkpoint, Albahari,  David,   Elias-bursac,  Ellen
David Albahari, Ellen Elias-bursac

Paperback / softback $22.99 - Regan Arts
Fiction - Published: 1/Nov/2018 - ISBN: 9781632061928

Atop a hill, deep in the forest, an army unit is assigned to a checkpoint. The commander doesn’t know where they are, what border they’re protecting, or why. Their map is useless and the radio crackles with a language no one can recognise. The enemy is unknown. Refugees arrive seeking safe passage to the other side of the checkpoint, but as the commander struggles to maintain order, he isn’t sure whether he’s fighting a war or caught in a bizarre military experiment. A haunting and hysterical confrontation with the absurdity of war.

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  • Checkpoint Paperback / softback $22.99