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John Curtin's War Volume II: Triumph and Decline, Edwards,  John
John Curtin's War Volume II: Triumph and Decline
John Edwards

Hardback $49.99 - Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
New Hardbacks - Published: 29/Oct/2018 - ISBN: 9780143791362

The first volume of John Curtin's War ends with the fall of Singapore and a fundamental realignment of Australia's place in the world. In the second volume Edwards tells the story of the next four years, as Curtin leads Australia in meeting its enemy and its new friend, the latter personified by the charismatic, self-certain General Douglas MacArthur. This magisterial biography of Curtin concludes with the events that shaped our future - the nation at war, our new relationship with the United States, and Curtin's early death.

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