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Prague Spring, Mawer,  Simon
Prague Spring
Simon Mawer

Paperback $32.99 - Little, Brown Book Group
Fiction - Published: 31/Jul/2018 - ISBN: 9781408711156

In the summer of 1968, the year of love and hate, of Prague Spring and Cold War winter, two English students, Ellie and James, set off to hitch-hike across Europe and decide, on a whim, to visit Czechoslovakia where Alexander Dubcek's "socialism with a human face" is smiling on the world. Meanwhile Sam Wareham, a first secretary at the British embassy in Prague, is observing developments in the country. It seems that, for the first time, nothing is off limits behind the Iron Curtain. Yet the Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev is making demands of Dubcek and the Red Army is massed on the borders. Mawer's novel explores how the looming disaster will affect those fragile lives caught up in the invasion.

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