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Liartown Usa: The First Four Years, Tejeratchi,  Sean
Liartown Usa: The First Four Years
Sean Tejeratchi

Paperback $33.99 - Feral House,U.S.
Special Orders - Published: 1/Feb/2018 - ISBN: 9781627310543

The collected posts of surreal website LiarTown, satirising weird vintage books, albums, posters, and other printed ephemera of pop culture.

Welcome to Liartown. A place where reality is skewered with a hilarious combination of comedic genius and graphic design wizardry.

For the past four years, Tejeratchi's Liartown USA blog has delighted thousands of online visitors with each new slice of satirical visual commentary. With a selection of the best posts and otherwise unseen material collected into a glossy, full-colour trade paperback, readers can now immerse themselves in an alternate world where blockbusters and bestsellers include Banjo the Man-Faced Dog and the Captain James Feelings' Nautical Romance novels.

Working with a stunning array of source material, Tejaratchi creates clever, uproariously detailed visuals and descriptions of book and magazine covers, films and TV shows, celebrities and 'historical' images that at first glance would pass for the real thing. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that The Hardy Boys Lose Their S*** was never on the shelf at the local library, and the British crime drama Inspector Cliffchap didn't have a time slot on the BBC. Liartown is a convulsively funny compendium of Sean Tejaratchi's brilliant takedowns of popular culture and societal trends.

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