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Built, Agrawal,  Roma
Roma Agrawal

Hardback $32.99 - Bloomsbury
Architecture - Published: 1/Apr/2018 - ISBN: 9781408870365

Our cities are full of incredible engineering feats and most of us live with little idea of what we are looking at in the built environment, let alone how a new building goes up, what it is built upon or how it remains standing.

In this book Roma Agrawal uncovers the astonishing science behind her profession. Each of the eight chapters will tackle a great engineering challenge how we keep a building from falling down, or how a bridge is built to span vast distances explaining solutions from modern times, reaching back to the Romans and other ancient cultures who developed techniques still used today. Interweaving science, history, illustrations and personal stories, Roma will offer a new window into a subject that touches our everyday lives. Roma Agrawal is a 31-year-old structural engineer who builds BIG bridges, skyscrapers and sculptures and is currently working on two buildings over London underground stations. Her first project was to construct a bridge over an eight-lane motorway in Newcastle; one year later, aged just 23, she began work on the Shard, with responsibility for the building 's peak and foundations. She is increasingly the public face of engineering, featuring in last year 's national advertising campaign for Marks & Spencers. Roma Agrawal shares Sir James Dyson 's belief that we need to encourage young people, particularly women, into the engineering professions. She 's a tireless advocate, lecturing to institutions, schools and universities, and increasingly appears as a talking head in television documentaries, on radio and in print. Building Storeys is her first book. / @RomaTheEngineer The wonders of engineering revealed by the inspirational young female engineer behind The Shard, Western Europe 's tallest building

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