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Blue Collar Frayed: Working Men in Tomorrow's Economy, Rayner,  Jennifer
Blue Collar Frayed: Working Men in Tomorrow's Economy
Jennifer Rayner

Paperback $22.99 - Black Inc
Australian Non Fiction - Published: 2/Apr/2018 - ISBN: 9781760640002

Jennifer Rayner knows a thing or two about blue-collar blokes- her brother, her dad and her grandfather all make a living with their hands. But blue-collar jobs for Australian men are disappearing at a rapid rate, and this is not just a product of unstoppable economic forces - it's also the result of our failure to acknowledge the importance of those jobs and the people who do them. Drawing on extensive research and dozens of interviews, Rayner argues that there can be blue-collar jobs in our future economy. In fact, we can't keep building a fair and prosperous Australia without them.

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