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Scandal in Bohemia, Haigh,  Gideon
Scandal in Bohemia
Gideon Haigh

Paperback $32.99 - Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
Biography & Memoir - Published: 2/Apr/2018 - ISBN: 9780143789574

Mollie Dean was a woman determined to transcend. Creatively ambitious and sexually precocious, at twenty-five she was a poet, aspiring novelist and muse on the peripheries of Melbourne's bohemian salons - until one night in 1930 she was brutally slain by an unknown killer in a laneway while walking home. The mystery of her death made her life all the more mysterious and Mollie's story lingered, incorporated into memoir, literature, television, theatre and song, most notably in George Johnston's classic My Brother Jack. In Gideon Haigh's work of restorative justice, Mollie Dean emerges as a tenacious, charismatic, independent woman for whom society had no place, and whom everybody tried to forget - but nobody could.

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