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What are We Doing Here?, Robinson,  Marilynne
What are We Doing Here?
Marilynne Robinson

Paperback $27.99 - Hachette Australia
Anthologies, Essays & Journals - Published: 27/Feb/2018 - ISBN: 9780349010458

In this new collection of essays Robinson trains her incisive mind on our modern political climate and the mysteries of faith. Whether she is investigating how the work of great thinkers about America like Emerson and Tocqueville inform our political consciousness or discussing the way that beauty informs and disciplines daily life, Robinson's central humanity is always engaged. In our era of rampant political and cultural pessimism, we run the risk of becoming bogged down in disillusionment and of losing sight of ways out of the mire. In What Are We Doing Here?, the incomparable Marilynne Robinson offers us balm: impelling us to action, and offering us hope.

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