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Whimsy and Woe, Mcritchie,  Rebecca,   Kretschmar,  Sonia
Whimsy and Woe
Rebecca Mcritchie, Sonia Kretschmar

Hardback $24.99 - HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
Kids - Published: 21/Aug/2017 - ISBN: 9781460753040

For fans of Withering-By-Sea comes a story from talented debut author Rebecca McRitchie about two curiously named children. After being abandoned by their thespian parents one afternoon while playing their weekly family game of hide-and-seek, Whimsy and Woe Mordaunt are left in the care of their austere Aunt Apoline.Forced to work in her boarding house, looking after the guests, sharpening the thorns of every plant in the poisonous plant garden and listening to off-key renditions of 'Fish Are Friends Too' - an aria made famous by the legendary Magnus Montgomery - Whimsy and Woe lose all hope that their parents will someday return. Until one day, quite by accident, the siblings stumble upon a half-charred letter that sets them on a course to freedom and finding their parents. Dark, funny, darkly funny and funnily dark, Whimsy & Woe takes readers on an adventure with two intrepid siblings in a tale of mischief, monocles, mice and mist. Ages: 9 years+

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  • Whimsy and Woe Hardback $24.99