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Wrote For Luck, Ryder,  Shaun
Wrote For Luck
Shaun Ryder

Hardback $32.99 - Faber
Music - Published: 22/Nov/2017 - ISBN: 9780571330935

30 of Shaun Ryder's lyrics with commentary by the 'Salford Dylan' collected for the first time. In the mid-1980s the Happy Mondays emerged as the prime mischief makers on the Madchester scene. Chief protagonist was Shaun Ryder, a man whose lyrical street swagger in songs like 'Kinky Afro', '24 Hour Party People' and 'Performance', would come to define a generation.

Here collected and edited for the first time, in trade and special editions, are his unforgettable lyrics. Shaun Ryder is lyricist and singer in Happy Mondays and Black Grape, and author of the bestselling memoir, Twisting My Melon.

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