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Infinite Sea: The 5th Wave (Book 2) The, Yancey,  Rick
Infinite Sea: The 5th Wave (Book 2) The
Rick Yancey

Paperback $19.99 - Penguin UK
Kids - Published: 29/Feb/2016 - ISBN: 9780141345871

The hugely anticipated second book in in the phenomenal new series that began with The 5th Wave.

For Cassie Sullivan and the rest of Earth's remaining human survivors, the situation was already desperate when the 5th Wave hit. It's about to get worse.

No one yet knows the depths to which Earth's conquerors - the Others - will sink in order to rid the Earth of the human infestation, nor have they guessed the heights to which the human spirit can reach. Characters introduced in Book One will come to the fore - and others will face the ultimate test.

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