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Irina and the Dragon's Lair, Swann,  Leah
Irina and the Dragon's Lair
Leah Swann

Paperback $14.99 - Xou
Kids - Published: 3/Nov/2014 - ISBN: 9781922057136

In the third and final instalment, the old times are coming to an end for Ragnor, and all seems desperate. A terrifying army marches south towards Irina's friends. Locked in prison, she is powerless to stop it. The Book of the Junsong is lost, her mother is under an evil enchantment, and she is parted from her beloved wolves. Irina must face her ultimate foe: the Venerated Dragon. And she must do it alone, with nothing to help her but a charm on her neck - and the truth. Can Irina mature from instinctive wolf-girl to intuitive Queen, and bring the Age of Peace for Ragnor? Irina and the Lost Book is a captivating new fantasy novel for children age 8-12.

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