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Phil Jarratt

Paperback $29.95 - Hardie Grant Books
Travel - Published: 1/Sep/2014 - ISBN: 9781742706924

Phil Jarrett draws upon first-hand experience and extensive research to provide a lively and entertaining narrative of the social, cultural and political history of an island paradise close to Australians' hearts. Heaven and Hell details the mythology and spirituality of Bali as well as the island's tumultuous and often violent past. Extensive interviews with expats and residents from the 70's in Bali deliver to readers a unique first-hand view of the dramatic changes and effects that modern development and western colonisation have had over the past 50 years, as well as enchanting us with their memories and stories. A popular destination for Australians, in particular, Bali represents many different things - for numerous young people it is their first destination overseas, for some it is a spiritual destination, others visit for a beach holiday, and still more come for profitable business opportunities.
Heaven and Hell is a story of survival in the face of genocide, natural disaster, terrorism, cultural imperialism and corruption on a grand scale, and of how Bali has managed to present the same smiling face to generations of tourists, despite the enormous price its people have had to pay for inhabiting the glorious island at the "morning of the world".

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