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A Colossal Wreck, Cockburn,  Alexander
A Colossal Wreck
Alexander Cockburn

Paperback $24.99 - Bloomsbury
Anthologies, Essays & Journals - Published: 1/Oct/2014 - ISBN: 9781781682951

A roller coaster ride through the ruins of modern America from the most influential journalist of his generation Whether ruthlessly exposing Beltway hypocrisy, pricking the pomposity of those in power, or tirelessly defending the rights of the oppressed, Alexander Cockburn never pulled his punches and always landed a blow where it mattered...In this panoramic work, covering nearly two decades of American culture and politics, Cockburn explores subjects as varied as the sex life of Bill Clinton and the best way to cook wild turkey. He stands up for the rights of prisoners on death row and exposes the chicanery of the media and the duplicity of the political elite. As he pursues a serpentine path through the nation, he charts the fortunes of friends, famous relatives, and sworn enemies alike to hilarious effect...This is a thrilling trip through the reefs and shoals of politics and everyday life...'A Colossal Wreck provides ample evidence for Cockburn's standing as one of the left's most perceptive and entertaining commentators.' Guardian..'Alexander Cockburn set a high standard of crusading journalism for fifty years ... With his Wildean wit, love of elegant women, penchant for hunting and fondness for P.G. Wodehouse, Cockburn defied the stereotype of the disgruntled left-wing scribe.' Independent..'Mr. Cockburn is a warrior/freethinker, armed with courage and gifted prose to cut down the hypocrisies of tyrants. He is a Marxist Mencken-a composite of comic-poet Andrei Condrescu, the erudite Christopher Hitchens and the gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.' New York Times..

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