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A Burnable Book, Holsinger,  Bruce
A Burnable Book
Bruce Holsinger

Paperback $29.99 - HarperCollins Publishers
Fiction - Published: 1/Feb/2014 - ISBN: 9780007493296

John Gower is a trader of secrets. Information is his currency, and those in power pay handsomely for it... London 1385. As the turbulent eighth year of Richard II's reign draws to a close, his hold on the throne grows ever more fragile. Plots against the King are rumoured daily and the realm faces international crises: the papacy is torn by schism between Rome and Avignon; and a year-long truce with France nears its end. Now a book apparently written by an 8th Century monk has turned up in London. Seditious and terrifying, it accurately foretells the deaths of English kings - including the forthcoming assassination of King Richard ll. When the book goes missing, Geoffrey Chaucer enlists fellow poet and friend John Gower to help retrieve it. Gower's trade is information: he is expert at extracting it from others and knows how to use it to his best advantage. But as his quest for the book veers into dangerous territory, he makes a discovery that threatens to expose the secret he protects most fiercely of all...

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