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A Book Of Voyages, O'brian,  Patrick
A Book Of Voyages
Patrick O'brian

Hardback $29.99 - HarperCollins Publishers
Anthologies, Essays & Journals - Published: 1/Nov/2013 - ISBN: 9780007487110

′Most books of voyages say in their prefaces that they intend to be useful ... they hardly ever speak of giving entertainment.
The intention of this book is quite different; its first aim is to give the reader pleasure. It makes no claim to being a scholarly work, and it has no didactic purpose. If the reader draws instruction or edification from it as well as pleasure that is his own affair, and beside the bargain.′
--Patrick O′Brian, Foreword to A Book of Voyages
This anthology presents writings by various travellers, annotated and introduced by Patrick O′Brian, which are glimpses of a world that few readers would ever see for themselves.

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