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1,339 QI Facts to Make You Eat Your Hat, Mitchinson,  John
1,339 QI Facts to Make You Eat Your Hat
John Mitchinson

Hardback $22.99 - Faber
Humour - Published: 1/Nov/2013 - ISBN: 9780571308941

From the QI team, a brand new buffet groaning with mouthwatering, bite-sized, impossibly addictive nuggets of information. QI began life as a TV panel game show in 2003, hosted by Stephen Fry and featuring Alan Davies as the regular panellist (and scorer of outrageously low scores). Since then QI has become a worldwide phenomena, from bestselling books such as The Book of General Ignorance and the QI Annuals to live shows and games...The QI Facts books are the quintessence of QI: four short, funny and surprising facts on each page, themed around everything from numbers and names to geography and history. With more facts than ever, this book is the perfect gift to make you laugh, think and tell your mates about.

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