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Across the River and into the Trees, Hemingway,  Ernest
Across the River and into the Trees
Ernest Hemingway

Paperback $32.99 - Prentice Hall (a Pearson Education company)
Fiction - Published: 23/Dec/1996 - ISBN: 9780684825533

Set in Venice at the close of World War II, "Across the River and into the Trees" is the bittersweet story of a middle-aged American colonel, scarred by war and in failing health, who finds love with a young Italian countess at the very moment when his life is becoming a physical hardship to him. It is a love so overpoewring and spontaneous that it revitalizes the man's spirit and encourages him to dream of a future, even though he knows that there can be no hope for long. Spanning a matter of hours, "Across the River and into the Trees" is tender and moving, yet tragic in the inexorable shadow of what must come.

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