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Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira, Aira,  Cesar Andrews,   Silver,  Katherine
Miracle Cures of Dr. Aira
Cesar Andrews Aira, Katherine Silver

Paperback $29.99 - New Directions Publishing Corporation
Fiction - Published: 2/Nov/2012 - ISBN: 9780811219990

C sar Aira's newest novel in English is not about a conventional doctor. Single, in his forties, and poor, Dr. Aira is a skeptic. His personality -- his weaknesses, whims, and pet peeves -- is summed up in a series of digressions and regressions but he has a very special gift for miracles. He no longer cares about miracles, however, and has no faith in them. Perhaps he is even a little ashamed about his supernatural powers. Such is Dr. Aira, who also has to confront his arch-enemy-- chief of the Pi ero Hospital, Dr. Actyn -- who is constantly trying to prove that Dr. Aira is a charlatan. Poor Dr. Aira is indeed a worker of miracles, but C sar Aira -- the magesterial author -- sends the very human doctor stumbling toward the biggest trap of all, in this magical book.

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