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Pattern Recognition, Gibson,  William
Pattern Recognition
William Gibson

Paperback $22.99 - Penguin Books Ltd
Fiction - Published: 7/Sep/2011 - ISBN: 9780241953532

"Pattern Recognition" - a pulsating techno-thriller by William Gibson, bestselling author of "Neuromancer". Cayce Pollard has been flown to London. She's a 'coolhunter' - her services for hire to global corporations desperate for certainty in a capricious and uncertain world. Now she's been offered a special project: track down the makers of the addictive online film that's lighting up the 'net. Hunting the source will take her to Tokyo and Moscow and put her in the sights of Japanese computer crazies and Russian Mafia men. She's up against those who want to control the film, to own it - who figure breaking the law is just another business strategy. The kind of people who relish turning the hunter into the hunted...William Gibson is a prophet and a satirist, a black comedian and an outstanding architect of cool. Readers of Neal Stephenson, Ray Bradbury and Iain M. Banks will love this book. "Pattern Recognition" is the first novel in the Blue Ant trilogy - read "Spook Country" and "Zero History" for more. "A big novel, full of bold ideas ...races along like an expert thriller". ("GQ"). "Dangerously hip. Its dialogue and characterization will amaze you.
A wonderfully detailed, reckless journey of espionage and lies". ("USA Today"). "A compelling, humane story with a sympathetic heroine searching for meaning and consolation in a post-everything world". ("Daily Telegraph"). William Gibson's first novel Neuromancer has sold more than six million copies worldwide. In an earlier story he had invented the term 'cyberspace'; a concept he developed in the novel, creating an iconography for the Information Age long before the invention of the Internet. The book won three major literary prizes. He has since written nine further novels including "Count Zero"; "Mona Lisa Overdrive"; "The Difference Engine"; "Virtual Light"; "Idoru"; "All Tomorrow's Parties"; "Pattern Recognition"; "Spook Country" and most recently "Zero History". He is also the author of "Distrust That Particular Flavor", a collection of non-fiction writing.

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