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War and Peace and Sonya
Judith Armstrong

Paperback $29.99 - Murdoch Books
Fiction - Published: 1/Oct/2011 - ISBN: 9781742665405

"'I always write my diary when we quarrel. There are still days when we quarrel,
but for delicate, emotional reasons, and we wouldn't quarrel if we didn't love
each other...He often says that this isn't really love, but that we have grown so
used each other now we cannot live without each other. But I still love him
with the same restless, passionate, jealous and poetic love...'

In 1862 Sonya Tolstoy married the greatest author the world has ever known. For
forty-eight years they shared their lives in a union that was at once
passionate, collegial and combative. Sixteen years younger than her husband,
Sonya bore him thirteen children and worked for years as his copyist, rewriting
countless drafts of his timeless novels. Both were mercurial and personalities
and, towards the end and exhausted, Tolstoy deserted her.
In War & Peace and Sonya Judith Armstrong tells Sonya's own story
exploring their devotion and ambivalence to one another, their passion for
great literature and the powers of the imagination, and showing us just how
remarkably true to life fiction can be."

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