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A Man of Parts, Lodge,  David
A Man of Parts
David Lodge

Paperback $32.95 - Random House UK
Fiction - Published: 1/Apr/2011 - ISBN: 9781846554971

As the second war he has lived through moves into its final phase, the ailing Herbert George Wells, ‘H.G.’ to his family and friends, looks back on a life crowded with incident, books, and women. Once he was the most famous writer in the world, 'the man who invented tomorrow'; now he feels like yesterday’s man depressed by the collapse of his utopian dreams for mankind. David Lodge’s novel of H. G Wells is a portrait of a man who embodied as many contradictions as he had talents: a socialist who enjoyed his affluence, a Darwinian evolutionist imbued with religious idealism, an acclaimed novelist who turned against the literary novel and a feminist womaniser.

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