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Jean-christophe Valtat, Mitzi Angel

Paperback / softback $15.95 - Farrar Straus Giroux
No Heading Text for this Section - Published: 22/Jun/2010 - ISBN: 9780374100216

"From the bus stop across the street, it was hard to tell, but suddenly I understood, seeing the passengers in the van that picked her up every morning, that she was slightly retarded."
A precocious teenager in a French suburb finds himself powerfully, troublingly drawn to the girl he sees every day on the way to school. As he watches and thinks about her, his daydreams--full of lyrics from Joy Division and the Smiths, fairy tales, "Flowers" "for Algernon," sexual desire and fear, loneliness, rage for escape, impatience to grow up--reveal an entire adolescence. And this fleeting erotic obsession, remembered years later, blossoms into a meditation on what it means to be a smart kid, what it means to be dumb, and what it means to be in love with another person.
"03 "is a book about young love like none you have ever read. It marks the English-language debut of a unique French writer--one of the great stylists of his generation.

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  • 03 Paperback / softback $15.95