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Cunningham Sophie

Paperback $23.95 - The Text Publishing Company
Fiction - Published: 30/Jun/2008 - ISBN: 9781921351709

Catherine is a travel agent. The world is at her disposal. Her family is scattered around the globe. She's never settled. She never falls in love with anyone in the place in which she lives, a quirk that seems romantic to her and her friends. Then she meets and falls in love with Michael, who lives in Los Angeles, and builds what she calls a relationship and others call an obsession.

Catherine's world is soon defined by postcards, e-mail, books, movies, all of which have meaning only because of their connection to Michael. And then there are the media events which seem to effect, or follow, her affair: the Rodney King Trials, Waco, the LA Earthquake of 1994, the Sydney bushfires of 1994, the New York Blizzard of 1996, Princess Diana's death.

Increasingly Catherine can't tell the difference between what is happening to her and what is happening around her. She lives her life like a romantic heroine. She throws her money, her energy, a lot of words and even years of her life, on a man she doesn't know. Her obsession becomes more and more debilitating as her life becomes increasingly virtual.

Geography is about distance and desire. It's about the illusion of choice. And about how long it can take to figure out what the words love, and home, actually mean.

Sophie Cunningham worked in publishing for fifteen years. She now works as a writer and journalist and has been a television columnist for The Age since July 2002. Her first novel, Geography, was published in 2004 by The Text Publishing Company.

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