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Warming, Ensor,  Craig
Craig Ensor

Paperback / softback $29.99 - Ventura Press
Fiction - Published: 1/Jul/2019 - ISBN: 9781925384727

The year is 2221 and the world is dying. Temperatures soar as high as fifty degrees every day. Sea levels are rising year by year. The population has fallen to below 2 billion people. The ruined cities of the north – Sydney, Brisbane and beyond – were abandoned as the rising sea and the sun's intensity turned them to wastelands. In an isolated coastal town south of Sydney, young Finch Taylor is captivated by April Speare and her pianist husband William when they move into a nearby beach house with a piano and a tragic secret. Finch soon begins a lifelong love affair with music, and with April. But as he and April follow the great migration south to Tasmania, and eventually to a warming Antarctica, they must decide whether to bring children into a world without a future.

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  • Warming Paperback / softback $29.99