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My German Brother, Buarque,  Chico
My German Brother
Chico Buarque

Paperback $18.99 - Pan Macmillan UK
Fiction - Published: 9/Apr/2019 - ISBN: 9781509806461

Born 1944 in Rio de Janeiro, Chico Buarque is a singer, guitarist, composer, dramatist, writer and poet. Although he first made his name as a musician, in 1968 Buarque was imprisoned by the Brazilian dictatorship for writing and composing the existential play <i>Roda Viva</i>. During the 1970s and 1980s, he collaborated with other artists in protest against the dictatorship. He is the author of numerous novels; in 2010 <i>Spilt Milk</i> won both of Brazil's leading literary prizes, the Prêmio Jabuti and the Prêmio Portugal Telecom. He lives in Rio de Janeiro. A poignant meditation on the recovery of personal history, literature, and what it means to have a father. Ciccio already has many problems: romantic failure, an older brother who seems intent on breaking the heart of every beautiful woman in São Paulo, a distant and larger-than-life father. When Ciccio finds, among the many of his father's books that line the walls of their house, a troubling letter dated 'December 21, 1931. Berlin', his existential crisis only intensifies.

It seems that his father once had a child with another woman - a German son whose fate remains unclear. Ciccio sets out on a mission to locate his lost half-brother, and to win the respect of his father. But as Brazil's military government cracks down on dissent, and rumours of arrests and disappearances spread, while Ciccio has been out looking for his German brother, he finds that he has taken his eye off his immediate family...

In writing <i>My German Brother</i>, acclaimed Brazilian novelist and musician Chico Buarque was driven by the desire to find out what happened to his own German half-brother - whether he survived the war in a bomb-ravaged Berlin, whether he had joined the ranks of the Hitler Youth. His novel has been a project of a lifetime, one that makes use of what happened, what might have happened, and pure imagination, in order to weave together the threads of narrative and arrive at a truth.

"Chico Buarque, Brazilian pop legend and one of the founders of Tropicalismo, has developed into an intriguing and inventive novelist as well . . . The language of <i>My German Brother </i>is musical and serpentine, as he unravels a tale that is part historical mystery, part intellectual and sexual coming-of-age." Anderson Tepper, <i>Vanity Fair</i>

"A fascinating, shape-shifting piece of autofiction . . . There's more than a whiff of Sebald to this potent, meandering mixture of text and image, fact and fiction." Luiza Sauma, <i>The Telegraph</i>

"A slight but poignant exploration of the past that lies tucked away between the pages of musty books."<i> Kirkus Review

</i>"Buarque's novel about freedom and repression in Germany and Brazil is both funny and disturbing." <i>Publisher's Weekly</i>

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